Pan-Hellenic Association of individuals with Attention Deficit/Hyperkinetic Disorder (ADHD)

Pan-Hellenic Association of individuals with Attention Deficit/Hyperkinetic Disorder (ADHD)


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Our history

The long and difficult period elapsed for some of us to maintain a proper diagnosis for our children was the stimulus to establish the ADHD Society for providing to individuals with ADHD and their families support, awareness, education, as well as to struggle for their rights in the area of education and social care. Discussions, search in the Internet, and our first attempts to bring the first people with ADHD to the Society started two years ago. Today this idea took form and legal basis. The members of our society gradually increase; they are determined and work with enthusiasm to achieve our goals.

Who are we?

The Pan-Hellenic Association of individuals with Attention Deficit/Hyperkinetic Disorder (ADHD), named ADHD HELLAS, which comes from the international nomination of the disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, was established in 2009 according to Civil Code (27975/16.10.2009).
It is a non-profit organization in which may participate:

  • Parents of children with ADHD
  • Adults with ADHD
  • Personnel of mental health, teachers, and other specialists that provide their experience and time, voluntary to achieve our stochus.


The main objective of ADHD HELLAS is social and its activities aim to contribute to the following:

  • To set up a Network of support and coaching of people with ADHD and their families in Greece.
  • To provide adequate information on the international scientific data for ADHD
  • To sensitize the Society and the State, so that the prejudice for ADHD is refuted.
  • To serve as an advocate for appropriate public policies in response to the needs faced by people with ADHD.
  • To strive for efficient solutions for the multimodal management of the peculiarities that individuals with ADHD present with.


The Society ADHD HELLAS is governed by the members’ general Assembly and the board, consisting of 7 members with two-year service, that is elected with secret voting.
A scientific advisory committee functions in parallel with the board. It consists of specialized scientists, that come from mental health and general health field, as well as from educational field and they are volunteers to offer their service for achieving the goals of the association. They are represented by a Steering Committee, which appoints a president and works with internal rules.


The new elected board:

Christina Georgiadou, President

Polykrity Mezelidou, Vice-President

Niovi Michalopoulou, General Secretary

Mary Gavrielatou, Treasurer

Maria Tsoukala, Member

Zoi Solomakou, Member

Melpo Tzobanaki - Dimitriou, Member



The services we offer at the moment are:

  • Welcome group for parents, every Wednesday 19:00-20:30 at our office
  • Support, guidance, information
  • Communication through telephone nr 6976138837
  • Email communication, info@adhdhellas.org
  • Information flow through our Site & the social media
  • Workshops for parents by specialists on ADHD
  • Day conferences for parents, adults with ADHD and teachers
  • Printed material


Registration is free of charge