Pan-Hellenic Association of individuals with Attention Deficit/Hyperkinetic Disorder (ADHD)

Pan-Hellenic Association of individuals with Attention Deficit/Hyperkinetic Disorder (ADHD)

Annual Report 2012

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Dear friends

During the year 2012, ADHD Hellas, with the support of its Scientific Committee, continued its work on sensitizing and educating the Greek communities on every aspect of ADHD with the same enthusiasm and passion as ever, despite the unfavorable economic crisis. Our primary target groups were parents of children with ADHD and schoolteachers.

Raising a child with ADHD can be overwhelming, much more so when families and society at large are under tremendous stress. ADHD Hellas awareness actions in the year 2012 aimed at supporting families and schoolteachers recognize ADHD and manage it at home and at school.

An early diagnosis of ADHD, along with an integrative treatment model, can not only help a child and its family deal with the disorder, but also prevent any undesired complications of an undiagnosed ADHD. Indeed, knowledge saves lives!

Early recognition of ADHD however, increases the necessity of developing diagnostic centers, appointing specialized personnel, and applying specific strategies for managing ADHD.

The Ministers of Education and Health legislate for children with special needs. Special educators are appointed at schools as shadow teachers within the class or for special classes. A reimbursement for the therapeutic management of ADHD (300 Euros) is being given to families, which is a relief, yet still does not cover the increased costs of ADHD management. Nothing can be done overnight. Ariadne’s ball of string has started rolling, the weaknesses of the system will soon become obvious and, hopefully there will be a gradual improvement for the benefit of children, their families and the broader society.


S. Aronis-Vournas
Professor in Pediatrics
President of ADHD Hellas
C. Georgiadou
Secretary of ADHD Hellas


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